The Facts

Since 2012, over

convicted murderers have requested parole in PA. The Parole Board continues to put public safety and victim’s voices first.

There are approximately

people serving life PA.


who are age 50 or older.

of those serving have not taken a life.


of all lifers in PA are model inmates.

5 years or more of no misconduct.


of all inmates in PA are incarcerated for drug offenses. Because of the ongoing opioid epidemic, we should recognize this as a public health issue rather than a criminal issue.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Pennsylvania has more than

juveniles serving life without parole, the highest number of people serving juvenile life without parole in the country.

Pennsylvania has approximately

inmates age 50 or older.

Approximately 22% of the total prison population (more than 47,000).

Taxpayers spend

$40,000 a year PER INMATE

and $70,000 to $100,000

for inmates 50 years and older.

Pennsylvania has the second highest amount of incarcerated elderly people than any other state, many of those people are serving life without parole.